Although we don't really have a lot of time for custom knives anymore we still do some from time to time.  Here are a couple of examples.  If you would like a custom piece just e-mail us and we will go from there. 

This is a Loveless style drop point hunter with elephant ivory handle stainless steel furniture and mirror polished 440C stainless blade.  The sheath is hand stitched leather.  The price for a knife of this type is $495.00.

This is a hook we made for a production of Capitan Hook.  We don't usually get requests for things like this but it was fun.


A few pictures of a wakizashi.  The blade was random pattern Damascus, Hibachi was mosaic, and the guard pieces were San-mai.  Notice that the file work on the Tsuba is not just grooved but looks like a piece of rope.  The price for a similar piece would be about $1750.00.